The Optical and RF Innovations (ORI) program at the Laboratory for Physical Sciences (LPS) seeks to understand the fundamental limits and application space of next-generation optical and RF communication systems, sensing platforms, and HPC/Beyond Moore's computing. 

We study new materials, tools, and approaches to improve the performance of electromagnetic systems, components, and devices.  Areas of research include sensor systems, advanced antenna modulation, improving bandwidth and radiation efficiency, beam steering, antenna miniaturization, and low profile antennas.  In addition, LPS directly engages with the research community to advance unique needs in antenna and E&M system development.

We conduct advanced research into high speed optical communications (including novel photonic multiplexing techniques) by developing research prototypes, advancing foundational research to reduce system size/weight/power (SWAP), and by demonstrating novel photonic techniques and properties.  LPS also leverages deep expertise and research capability in fiber optic systems to develop novel sensing techniques, to improve data center and HPC performance, and to advance novel optical approaches to Beyond Moore’s computing.

We develop special purpose photonic integrated circuits (PICs) for sensing and high-speed communications.  Hybrid Silicon photonics have a distinct advantage over other platforms by combining both the active and passive components required for a multitude of devices needed for high-speed optical communications, data center interconnects, and microwave photonics.  LPS aims to bring together technical expertise from government and academic researchers to make fundamental breakthroughs in the field of integrated photonics by researching low size, weight, and power solutions for future optical communication challenges and to address the ever-increasing bandwidth demands for future applications.

We utilize state-of-the-art fabrication and characterization facilities to develop novel materials and devices with great promise for emerging memory, logic, and sensing applications. In order to determine which materials to incorporate in advanced memory and logic devices, important characterization of new materials must be performed and devices must be fabricated and tested to determine their properties and limitations. To this end, LPS provides unique local measurement capabilities.



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